Legend of the Carousel's CurseAuthor & Illustrator

I have co-authored and illustrated a teen/young adult novel, Legend of the Carousel's Curse. Available at Amazon.com.

“The carousel is old,” Annika thought. “Maybe even ancient...” It was smaller than any she’d seen before, and instead of horses, unicorns danced around its center. Well, maybe not danced... they seemed more like they were on a melancholy march. Their sad faces made them look like the most miserable creatures ever. Rhys said the carousel was a historical monument... it had been in the town park for as long as anyone could remember. Little did the girl and boy know that they were about to discover there was more than history inhabiting the little carousel... there was also magic. The miserable unicorns were not just wooden statues carved and painted by some mad artist. They were once living creatures who had suffered a terrible curse. This is the legend of the carousel’s curse. It started many hundreds of years ago in a land far across the sea from America. This tale begins with a young pony in a time back then, but doesn’t end until now, when a girl and a boy living on the Oregon Coast solve a mysterious puzzle.